Are you looking for Applied Health Economics or Advanced Qualitative Design?

Are you looking for Applied Health Economics or Advanced Qualitative Design?

University of New Mexico is offering two courses that might be of interest.


This course uses an interdisciplinary approach to teach the concepts and methods of analysis used in health economics, with an emphasis on health care evaluation, health policy decision-making, and population health outcomes. The course will benefit any student interested in learning more about the interplay between economics, health care, health policy, and patient and population outcomes.


Instructor: SHANA JUDGE, JD, PHD

Dr. Shana Judge is a public policy researcher whose work focuses on using quantitative methods to analyze relationships between government policies and the health and well-being of women, children, and vulnerable subpopulations.


This course is organized as a set of “seminars,” each one focused on a different type of qualitative study design: ethnographic research, phenomenological research, narrative research, case study research, and grounded theory research. Students will practice forming research questions, planning data collection, developing interview questions, analyzing data, and writing up findings within the different study designs. Each seminar will involve Zoom video sessions where we will work as a team with a set of data. This course is an opportunity for students to get “hands-on” familiarity with qualitative study designs, experience the differences between them, develop research skills, and gain clarity about the type of qualitative study designs that might suit students’ own future research.


Instructor: Dorinda Welle, PhD

Dr. Welle is an anthropologist with over 25 years of experience conducting qualitative and mixed methods research on public health topics in the US and more recently in China.


For additional information download the UNM Flyer

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